Nau Mai, Welcome to All Saints, Birkenhead.

We are an Anglican Church in the heart of Birkenhead on the North Shore of Auckland.

We have been a Christian presence in the area of Birkenhead since 1911. Grounded in the liturgical Anglican tradition we have a strong emphasis on worship centered on The Eucharist – Holy Communion – The Breaking of Bread, beautiful music and a sacred and inspiring space. From this foundation we believe we encounter the love of God and are nourished in our faith.

If you want to build friendship and community, come and join us for morning tea on Sundays or after communion on Wednesdays. There are several opportunities to meet us during March. See the monthly newsletter below.

We look forward to seeing you at All Saints.

Pray for King Charles III as he is crowned.

Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness, bless King Charles, and all
who are in authority under him; that they may order all things in wisdom
and equity, righteousness and peace, to the honour of your name, and
the good of your Church and people, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May Newsletter


St Mark’s day is April 25 which means it is
often overlooked in N.Z. It is thought that the
Last Supper was held in his parent’s house
which was also where the disciples met after
the Resurrection. Mark was also a companion
to Paul and Barnabas.


Women’s Breakfast
Saturday 13th May – 8am
Mothers’ Union
Wednesday 24th May – 11am
Contemplative Service
Sunday 28th May, 5pm
Welcome to the May women’s breakfast Saturday
13th at 8am in the church lounge. We will start
with a continental breakfast for which we need a
volunteer ( or two) to bring along the food. At
about 8:30 we will hear from our speaker who is
Geena Hill talking about her sprinting.
Cost for the event is $3 with a voluntary donation
to Days for Girls.
The Mother’s Union gather for a
monthly service and meeting on the
4th Wednesday of the month. The
meeting will be taking place on
Wednesday 24th May at 11am.
Please contact Pamela Ferry the
Mothers Union Leader if you are interested in
joining Mother’s Union or for more information contact the Church Office.

St Mary’s Church, New Plymouth is known
to many. It has long had a fraught relationship
with Maori given that ammunition was stored
in the church during the Land Wars. The latest
step in seeking to repair that fractured
relationship can be found at

From the Priest in Charge
As you know I spent Holy Week, with Good
Friday and Easter with COVID – much to
my surprise. I have now had two follow-up
RAT tests, and have made every effort to
keep myself and everyone else safe. The
thanks of all of us go to the Reverend
Harvey Smith for stepping in over this
particularly busy time of the year.
Annual General Meeting: This year’s AGM
was held on Sunday 16 May with an
attendance of about 30. Interesting Reports
from many different facets of parish life
were received. Graeme Ham has resigned
as Treasurer and will be replaced in due
course. After a break, Rachel Haggie and
Luke Finnegan have returned to the Vestry.
Parish Nominators: Marcia Roberts has
replaced Robyn as a Parish Nominator,
along with the Wardens. I believe they
have been working on the parish profile, but
their work is painstaking and confidential.
Retirement Villages: It has been a pleasure
to take Holy Communion to Northbridge and
Bert Sutcliffe, and meet some of those
parishioners who are not able to come to church.
Contemplative Service: A small group met
in March for the first Contemplative Service
of the year. As a time of singing, prayer and
silence, this is a good way of ending the
weekend and leading into a new week.
Come along and join us.
Weekday Holy Communion: A small and
very faithful group have been meeting
regularly at 10.00am on Wednesdays for a
shortened service of Holy Communion. A
time for a chat and fellowship rounds it off.

The Reverend John McCaul

Sundays – 8am & 9.30am,
Holy Communion
Wednesdays – 10am,
Holy Communion
Contemplative Service –
4th Sunday of the month, 5pm

At Our AGM we elected the following to be our
Michael Burnell, Jean Green, Eric Bowater,
Jeannie Kennedy, Rachel Haggie, Ryan Brown-Haysom, Colleen Stott, Lynne McDonald, Luke
Finnegan, and Christine Ball.
A Prayer for Our Vestry
We thank you for these brothers and sisters whom
you have called to service. Thank you for their
individual gifts and qualities and for their strength
as a team. As we set them apart for this ministry,
we ask for your blessing on Lynne, Jean, Michael,
Eric, Jeannie, Rachel, Ryan, Colleen, Luke,
Christine and Father John. Guide and equip them
by your Spirit that your church may grow in
wisdom, love, and unity, and that your name may
be glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Vestry and Governing Body Workshop
13 May
10:00 am – 2:30 pm
We are thankful for the time and energy given by
so many who offer themselves on vestries and
governing bodies around this diocese. We know
it’s not always an easy task as these groups hold
in balance the complexities of this area of
There is huge potential for the topics that could be
covered in a workshop like this, and we know
people are keen for reflection and training in this
space. Whilst we hope to be able to extend on
this initial effort, on this occasion we will be
covering the broad principles of governance and
how they might apply in a church context.
Registrations close 4 May and there is a cost:
$20pp (lunch provided)
The session will be facilitated by Archdeacon
Michael Berry and Diocesan Manager Sonia
Maugham, with a guest presentation from Chris
Clarke who alongside having vestry experience, is
a current board chair of Emergency Alliance, Te
Whakaora Tangata and Arrow Leadership Global.
This workshop is aimed at governing body
members in our diocese, and initial registrations
will be limited to 6 per ministry unit.

The Contemplative Service
This month it is on Sunday May 28th beginning at
5pm. It is one of the hidden gems of the Church.
Once tried you are likely to want to return and
enjoy the quiet, the silence, the simple chants and
songs, the scripture and the prayers.

Did you know that we have a Retreat House at
Opononi called St Isaac’s? Rooms are available
for those wishing a quiet retreat. Also for those
wanting a base from which to explore the
Hokianga. Christine Smith has been there and
can tell you all about it.

New Zealand Saints
In our Prayer Book, p. 7 we find the following:
We remember many people who have
provided inspiration and an example of
Christian living in the history of this country, or
who have contributed to the development of
Christianity in this country.”
In May we remember the following:
Ruatara May 11 Oihi
Samuel Marsden May 12
Ihaia Te Ahu May 13 Te Arawa
Ngakuku May 14 Matamata
Piripi Taumataakura May 15 Ngati Porou
Te Wera Hauraki May 16 Ngati
Wiremu Te Tauri May 17 Whanganui
Rota Waitoa May 22 First Priest
Frederick Bennett May 23 First Bishop
Mother Edith May 22 S.S.N.

Contact Details:
Priest in Charge:
The Rev. John McCaul
Ph. 027 340 5095
Vicar’s Warden:
Michael Burnell 09 486 7595,
People’s Warden:
Jean Green 09 418 2609

Easter Sunday

To read this week’s sermon please open the Document tab above, or click here:

Services for Holy Week

Wednesday    April 5    10.00am   Holy Communion

Thursday        April 6    7.00pm     The Last Supper. Footwashing.

Friday              April 7    9.30am     Good Friday Family Service

Sunday           April 9    8.00am     Holy Communion

                                      9.30am     The Resurrection Eucharist


April 2023



Text Box: From the Interim Priest in Charge
Michael Burnell was able to travel to Christchurch and represent us at Jordan’s welcome and installation at St Michael and all Angels Church.  Some of us watched the service on live stream through the marvels of modern technology!
For me it is a pleasure to be in this new role as priest-in-charge of Birkenhead during the interregnum.  This is a half-time interim appointment only, and it comes to an end when the new Vicar is appointed.  
During March there was the Women’s Breakfast, the Mothers’ Union meeting, Vestry and Wardens’ zoom meetings, the Wednesday Morning Eucharist, and the Contemplative Service as well as visits to two retirement villages, which have all been valuable opportunities to meet people.
So after a busy March picking up the task, it looks as though there will be plenty happening in the parish during April.  Holy Week and Easter will dominate, followed by the Annual General Meeting.
God bless you all.
John McCaul


Sunday 2 April – Palm Sunday

8.00 am  Holy Communion

9.30 am Blessing and  Procession of Palms; Holy Communion, with Blessing and Distribution of Palm Crosses. 

Wednesday  5 April

10.00am  Holy Communion

Thursday 6 April Maundy Thursday

7pm    Holy Communion

with Foot-Washing

Good Friday 7 April

9.30am  Morning Service 

Easter Day 9 April 

8.00 am  Holy Communion

9.30 am  Holy Communion

New Zealand Saints

In our Prayer Book, p. 7 we find the following: We remember many people who have provided inspiration and an example of Christian living in the history of this country, or who have contributed to the development of Christianity in this country.”

In April we remember the following:

April 11 Bishop George Selwyn

April 24 The Seven Martyrs of the Melanesian Brotherhood  

April 29 Heni Te Kirikaramu


Future Directions Consultation after church on Sunday 26 March was facilitated by Archdeacon Carole Hughes who began by noting that we are one of four parishes on the North Shore currently looking for a Vicar, along with another five in other parts of the Diocese.  One of her jobs as well as being Vicar-General is overseeing the appointments process and convening these consultations.

John’s sermon in church was designed as a lead-in to the meeting – you will be able to read it on our website in due course. We were delighted that about 39 people were present for the Consultation and being split up into groups meant that everyone had an opportunity to contribute to the discussion on a number of questions.  Christine Ball has the task of assembling and typing up the group answers to the questions.

Carole outlined the Diocesan Appointments process from here on. She introduced a lay member of the Diocesan Nominators who attended throughout the meeting.   Nominations were asked for our three parish nominators and an election was held.  Those elected were the Wardens Michael Burnell and Jean Green, and Robyn O’Kane.   It was emphasised that their work as our Nominators is confidential, and that we are not to embarrass them or ourselves by asking questions they are not entitled to answer. But keep the Nominations Group and process in your prayers.


Sundays – 8am & 9.30am,

Holy Communion

Wednesdays – 10am Holy Communion

Contemplative Service

4th Sunday of the month.

LIBRARY NOTES, April 2023 – Death and Afterlife                                          

Margaret Bowater

At Easter we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus, followed soon after by the tragedy of Anzac Day, all of which raise deep questions about death and what lies beyond it. Jesus clearly believed he would be going to join his Father. We have a number of good books on the library shelf for Death and Grief, including Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s classic “The Tunnel and the LightEssential Insights on Living and Dying,” (1999), based on her life of caring for the dying, especially children. Enormous research has been going on in this whole field. Two striking books by Dr Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, “Evidence of the Afterlife – the Science of Near-Death Experiences” (2011), and “God and the Afterlife” (2017), bring us up-to-date on the main findings from a world-wide website study of 4000 near-death-experiences.

March 2023



Our March meeting is the 11th at 8am at the church lounge. John McCaul our temporary minister is going to be speaking about himself and how he got to be here so it is a great opportunity to meet and get to know him.

As per usual the cost is $3 and a donation may be made to Days for Girls the period poverty organisation that Jeannie and Rachael are very involved with. 

Marcia has agreed to be the hostess so could you let her know if you are coming either by email, or phone, if you have it or by phoning the Church office.


The Men’s Group usually meets monthly in the Church Hall on the 4th Saturday of the month at 7.30am for a cooked breakfast or a social event on another day. Presently we have no volunteers to cook and organise the breakfast. However, if this changes those on the Men’s Breakfast email list will be notified about the February Breakfast which is scheduled for Saturday 25th March.


The Mother’s Union gather for a monthly service and meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 22 March at 10am in the church followed by a meeting in the hall. Please contact Pamela the Mothers Union Leader if you are interested in joining Mother’s Union or for more information please contact the Church office.


This month we add to the library a new reprint of an old favourite, ‘Living with Purpose in a Worn-out Body,’ by Missy Buchanan, a series of gentle meditations for frail elderly folk and those who care for them. In large print, she reflects on the day-to-day struggles of her life and offers them to God, along with fitting quotations from the Psalms and the New Testament. This is a gem of a book, offering spiritual encouragement for life in the ‘slow lane.’


Our contemplative service takes place on the 4th Sunday of the month. The service uses elements of Taize worship incorporating chants, silences, and scripture.  Sunday March 26th beginning at 5pm.


  The ministry of All Saints is only possible by your generosity. If you wish to give by auto payment or a one-off donation please contact the church office.

From the Editor and former Priest in Charge of Christ the King Mangawhai.

After the recent downpour in Mangawhai the Parish Secretary noticed 14 cars sitting in the church car park.  Investigation revealed that (a) all the cars were full of people and (b) they were all flooded out of their homes. Very quickly the doors of the church were opened, fortunately it has a very good and accessible lounge with a great kitchen. People were lodged, appeals were made for bedding, blankets, food and clothes all of which appeared and for a few days Christ Church was home to unintended weather refugees. Holy Trinity Dargaville has a similar and larger story.

New Zealand Saints

In our Prayer Book, p.7 we find the following: We remember many people who have provided inspiration and an example of Christian living in the history of this country, or who have contributed to the development of Christianity in this country.”

When there is space in a monthly newsletter you may find these people mentioned. Details on their lives can be found at and then click on the Online Bio version.

In March we remember the following:

Carl Volkner – March 2nd

Kereopa and Manihera – March 12